What Does Your Sitting Posture Says About You?

Every one of us have a favorite sitting posture we default to when we settle down in our chairs. Because of the all different ways we sit, each different position adds a little more to each of our uniqueness. Before you read on, take a moment to survey your natural sitting position. Keep a mental note, then continue reading and find out what your favorite sitting position says about your personality!

a.      Legs slightly apart, with one leg forward

This sitting position reveals that you are a generally fun person to hang out with. You might be a tad shy with strangers and acquaintances at first, but once you get to know each other, you’re a riot!

Despite your generally reserved appearance, you are secretly a level headed person: there is always a quiet voice at the back of your head telling you things you should be careful of when you are up and about with somebody else.

Even if you are friends with someone for a long time, you tend not to reveal your true feelings. Your feeling are reserved for you and you only. Maybe that’s why you are always a little mysterious to everyone that meets you.

b.      Legs crossed, above the knee, arms spread out

This sitting position shows that you are a leader of the pack! Cool and confident, you are happy to be the center of attention. You can instantly light up any room you walk in. Although you can be bossy and loud, and even obnoxious at times, but secretly, you crave affection and hope that everybody likes you.

Being the leader of your tribe, however, means that your friends look up to you. People you’ve never seen before want to befriend you, and strangers want to shake your hand. But no matter what, you love all your friends who are under your protection, and are the guiding star for all your pack mates.

c.       Legs crossed at the ankles

This sitting position says that you are generally an attentive person to changes around you. You are a watcher, and long term training of observing people around you makes you an expert in seeing people’s true intentions. Rational and calm, you tend to tackle conflicts by trying not to take sides and calming everybody down in an argument.

People generally don’t think you are very smart, but you are good at what you do and know it. Usually, others don’t realize how much they underestimated you until you said something so straight to the point that it startles them. That’s the time when you secretly bask in your glory that all your people watching training sessions has paid off.

d.      Legs apart, hands on knee

This sitting position shows that you are a person that tackles challenges head on. Unafraid of any obstacles, you are eager to prove your worth and show off your skills and talents. Determined and headstrong, you usually have big, bold plans to get to your goals. After all, you know that if it’s something you want, no one can stop you from getting it.

People who care about you are usually happy that you have ambition and drive, but they usually worry that you’ll wear yourself out chasing those dreams. Some others may even see you as aggressive, and tend to stay away from you. Not that you care or mind: you are too busy chasing the better version of yourself.

e.      One leg on chair

This sitting position indicate that you are very comfortable in your own skin. You are not really concerned about what naysayers think of you, and you want people to like you for your authentic self. You are not going to hide behind a mask to impress somebody you don’t really care about, or do something to try to please someone else you don’t particularly like. After all, we would all die at the end, right? It’s all equal there.

While you are this calm and chill most of the time, you will rip apart those who insult you or your family and friends. Hey, you are a chill cat, not one that doesn’t have claws.

f.        Legs apart, hand clasped

This sitting position indicates that you know how to dress to impress. Confident, charming and sincere, you do know how to convince people to get you what you want. In fact, you are so good at it that people who become magnetized by your personality tend to stick around.  

You know you can talk your way out of anything, but you try not to abuse it too much. Your friends are constantly hounding you with questions on how you get all the eye candies. You did try to teach your buddies, but they just can’t seem to grasp your magic touch. But it’s ok, you can help them get those dance partners if they really want one anyway.

After all, you don’t want to see them shake alone to those beats while you have a new chic you just charmed by your side. That’s just awkward and sad.

g.      Legs apart with chair turned around

This sitting position reveals that you have a naughty side that’s bigger and more visible than most people. You are not afraid to play and show your feisty side. It’s hard for people to talk to you and not think you are somehow flirting with them, even if you are not.

Your presence usually bring out the more spirited side of others, inviting them to join your circle of fun together. Everybody seems to be a little braver and more adventurous with you around.

But you are also a welcome, comforting sight to some in your circle, especially those who are more of the quiet type. These friends are comfortable enough to open themselves up to you, telling you their deepest darkest secrets. They know you’ll keep them.

h.      Legs crossed, hands on lap

This sitting position says that you are a little shy and awkward in front of others. You are also a very thoughtful person, always filtering out your words carefully before they come out of your mouth. You tend to not to take sides in an argument, and are usually the mediator instead. Calm and caring, you are your friends’ first choice to go to when they are hurting, no matter physically or emotionally.

That’s not to say you don’t have your needs though. Sometimes you need a little comforting yourself, but you are not sure who to turn to, since most people come to you. You don’t know who can bandage your physical or emotional wounds together with you, so you usually end up licking your wounds by yourself.

You cherish your friends deeply, especially those who have always been by your side. Your friends all swear never to betray you, but you know deep down that even if they hurt you, you’ll still love them anyway. Eventually they’ll come around.

i.        Cross legged in lotus position

This sitting position displays your preference for routine and stability. You stick around even if things get boring, and can endure any tough situation. Not one to give up easily, you believe that as long as you keep working at it, you will succeed one day. Not one to settle for less, you know you can go as far as you want to.

You know exactly what you want and don’t want. Most of your friends like to come for you for advice, because what you say is usually insightful and thought-provoking. They know they can rely on you to be brutally honest and to tell them the blunt truth, even if it hurts.

That’s not to say you cannot be a goofball at times either. When you do let you hair down, you tend to fit in well with your friends, even if they know you are not the person to go to if they just want a hug.

j.        Legs apart, leaned back

This sitting position shows that you are a laid back but dependable individual. You seek to protect your loved ones, and are not afraid to stand up to defend them in times of danger. Some people may find you overprotective, or even controlling at times. You will attempt to ‘withdraw’ your protection when they complain, but end up watching out for them from afar anyway.

Ultimately, you know you’ll only be at the best version of yourself when there are people depending on you. If you truly care about someone, you would keep an eye on them to ensure that they are always safe and happy.

You know that not everyone appreciates your way of showing you care, but you know that they will find you if they really need help, or are in some danger. That alone makes it all worth your effort to   protect someone else you love.

How accurate does your personality fit your sitting posture? Leave your comments below!

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