Top 10 Things That Someone Do When They Are Attracted To You

Ever looked at your crush and wondered if they like you back? Don’t you sometimes wish there is a flashing sign behind them to tell you if they feel about you the same way? While we don’t have the power of telepathy to read another person’s mind, body language is the next best thing we have. Carried out subconsciously, body language tells us what a person might be feeling or thinking at that moment without them realizing. Below are 10 ways which people involuntary do when they feel attracted to you.

10. Blushing

Just like the movies we watch, blushing is the involuntary reddening of face of a person. This usually occurs when a person is reacting to feelings like awkwardness, ashamed, anxiety or feeling shy.

Underneath our skins are many tiny vessels known as capillaries. When we blush, our hearts beats faster, causing blood to surge into these capillaries. This causes our skin to appear red.

Both men and women blush. For some people, their ears and neck can become red as well. The Asian flush, which happens for some Asians when they drink alcohol, is also a form of blushing.

Blushing may be one of the most obvious signs that the person is announcing that he or she is interested in you! Just make sure that they are not actually intoxicated and spotting an Asian flush.

9. Find them secretly looking at you

Imagine sitting face to face with your crush, feeling an intense desire to look into their eyes but don’t want to come off as creepy by staring.

To avoid weirding them out, you secretly sneak glances at them when you think they are not looking. When they seem to glance back, you quickly avert your eyes and look elsewhere. However, when they look away again, you cannot help but secretly stare at them (again!), thinking about how attractive they are, all while hoping you remain discreet enough.

When someone is looking at us, we seem to have some kind of sixth sense telling us so. This is actually our brains working in the background, keeping tabs on our surroundings to detect if another person is looking at us. As social animals, this is one thing which we are particularly sensitive about. Being eyeballed by someone could signal anything from a challenge to trouble, and our brains want to capture all these signals.

If you find someone secretly stealing glances at you when they think you are not looking, there’s a chance they are attracted to you.

8. Position their legs to face you

We use our legs to move from one place to another, so our legs are an accurate reflection of what we actually want to do in a situation. For example, it’s natural for us to want to run if we feel scared or uncomfortable. It’s our innate fight or flight response which determines the direction we go to, and our feet follows that command.

We all have different sitting postures. Some of us tuck our legs in, while others cross their legs. However, when facing someone we like, we tend to subconsciously point our feet towards them. It’s like we have a desire to walk straight in their direction.

Take a peek below the table at your date’s legs position next time when you go out. It could tell you so much more than you usually see above it.

7. Pupils dilate

Do you ever feel that the eyes of someone near you are somehow bigger than usual when you are out together? If yes, this could be a sign that he or she is attracted to you!

When our bodies are under stress due to threats, our eyes enlarge to help us see clearer. Similarly, we feel stress when facing people we like, causing our stress hormones to kick in. These hormones are the cause of our pupils dilating.

Just be sure that they are not trying to look at you in an extremely dark room instead, as dim light causes our pupils to automatically become enlarged to take in more of the surrounding light.

6. Leaning in closer and removing visual obstacles between you

When you are with someone you like, there is a natural yearning to get closer to them.

To get closer to somebody, you will try to remove any visual obstacles between the both of you. Likewise, when a person likes you, they instinctively try to lean in to try to get closer to you. Physical obstacles can be removed, and these can be things like an empty bowl or cup, or even an entire table. You might also be tempted to shift so that you can sit closer beside them.

When you find someone physically shifting nearer to you, it can be a sign that the person is attracted to you.

5. Light touches

Similarly to leaning in closer, light but deliberate touches also convey attraction.

When human contact is made, the brain releases its happy concoction of chemicals: dopamine and serotonin. This can explain why we have the natural instinct to want to get close physically to someone we like. This unfortunately also means that if the other person is not receptive to your advances, their body sees you as a threat, and they instinctively move away from you.

Most people fear rejection, so they will try not to make the urge to touch the object of their affection seem too obvious. Light touches usually disguised as ‘accidently’ brushing against your arm, or an excuse to touch your fingers when you both grasp at the same object.

When you see someone trying to make skin contact with you, especially if they try to make it seem natural, it could means that they are attracted to you.

4. Unusually shy or nervous

We all know the usual signs of attraction from television shows: the main character attempts to converse with a person he or she likes, and suddenly becomes tongue tied, stammering, or talking too fast.

Like what is usually depicted on TV, these signs are actually pretty accurate.  Usually loud people can suddenly lose their tongues or stammer, while quiet ones can suddenly talk too much. These are all signs of shyness or nervousness.

Other physical manifestations of these feelings can include playing with hair, touching faces, rubbing hands together or even pulling at socks.

If you notice these subtle but weird behavior coming from someone when they are talking to you, it may be a sign that they are attracted to you.

3. Open body posture

Our body posture subconsciously tells us how we really feel. We tend to ‘open up’ or ‘hunker down’ our bodies, depending on how we feel towards a person or situation.

Adopting an open body stance by putting our hands by our side exposes our chest and stomach, the vulnerable parts of our bodies. This can only happen when we are with someone we trust. On the other hand, if we are crossing our arms or bending down our bodies slightly, we are in ‘defense’ mode, trying to cover our body’s weak spots and preparing for a fight response.

If you see that a person adopts-the-arms-out wide body stance, it’s a sure sign that they are trust you and comfortable with you. If it’s your first time meeting them, there’s a high chance they are attracted to you.

2. Mimicking your actions

Ever find that couples seem to talk, dress and do the same things?

Humans are social animals. Long before the days of civilization, our ancestors form groups call tribes. These tribes often have special rituals, done only within their groups and passed down from generation to generation.

In a similar way, mirroring one another’s action is a very natural thing to do to gain acceptance from another person or group into their ‘tribe’. When someone mimics your words and gestures when talking to you, their bodies are in tune with you, wanting to gain your acceptance and approval.

When someone imitate you unconsciously when you are communicating, it is a sure sign that they are agreeable with you, and it could be that they are attracted to you!

1. Smiling or laughing

When someone is smiling at you or laughing at your jokes, it usually means that they appreciate your presence or words. Smiling is a natural reaction when people are happy, and being with a person we feel attracted to usually give us that natural dopamine rush.

Similarly, when someone is attracted to you, they can’t help smiling at you or showing their joy, especially if they are not actively suppressing it. Laughing at what the jokes you crack cam also be a sign, especially if your jokes are cold or lame.

If someone seems to light up whenever you are around, it’s a sign that they could be attracted to you.

Bonus. Confessing to you

A confession is a verbal or written notice to you by someone to inform you that they are attracted to you. Unless spoken in a sarcastic way or tone, a confession is definitely a sure way to know that someone is attracted to you.

Unfortunately, confession rarely happens while sober. Most people have to be in a drunken state before their tongues loosen enough to express their true feelings, so it’s more common to have to look at the above ten signs for a clue instead of trying to extract a confession from them.

Have you ever experienced any or see someone behaving in any of the above ways? Leave your comments below!

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